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Did you know that we can offer also bed linen and towels for our guests? (extra charge).

Laundry  for our visitors in summer - ask more!

Book a bath tub, sup board or bicycles from us.

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Kaksola farm at Outokumpu            
berries, cabin accommodation and farm activities

FinnlandThe Kaksola farm in North Karelia, Eastern Finland is situated 15 km from the town of Outokumpu and 45 km from the city of Joensuu. he Kaksonen family has been living on the farm since 1884. Karelia region is known for wooded hills, ridges, forests, lakes, unspoilt nature, open spaces and tranquility. The beautiful Juojärvi lake is a popular place for fishing, swimming and boating.

Kaksola offers cabin accommodation round the year in warm, well-equipped holiday cabins. 

Pihamökki - CJOE145PIHAMÖKKI Bookings: Pihamökki  Make a booking
for 4 persons, 50 m², 100 m to Juojärvi lake. Built in 1985.
Cabin plan.

Rantamökki - CJOE146RANTAMÖKKI Bookings:
Rantamökki Make a booking
for 4-5 persons, 60 m² on the lake shore. Built in 1991
Cabin plan. 

Uusi mökki - CJOE147UUSI MÖKKI Bookings: Uusi mökki Make a booking
for 4-6 persons, 50m²+ a 25m² sleeping gallery near lake Juojärvi. Built in 2001. Separate sauna on the lake shore. Cabin plan. Read more...

preferably for long-term tenants, no modern amenities. A very good sauna on the lake shore, grill hut.  Book directly with Kaksola. Read more...

Berries i.e. strawberries, raspberries and sea buckthorn berries and other farms products are available on the farm in summer. We cultivate berry varieties that taste great and can offer the best possible farm products for our customers and guests. Surrounding forests have also many kinds of forest berries to pick: wild strawberries, bilberries and lingonberries. All berries are healthy and have a high content of antioxidant vitamins.

A holiday in a cabin by lake can be combined with many different hikes, fishing on the lake ice, using our kicksleds, bathing in a sauna... For a more active holiday our farm offers great facilities: A picnic on the lake shore, summer flowers and wild strawberries, boat visit to the nearby Valamo monastery, - we share the same lake, lake Juojärvi -  swimming, fishing, mushroom picking, ice-swimming...  Only 15 km away is the Outokumpu town with its old mine, mining museum, shops, restaurants and other facilities.    

90 km away is the Koli national park and Lake Pielinen, for many Finland’s most beautiful area, a unique combination of nature and culture, with excellent services for visitors. 45 km away is the town of Joensuu and its famous open market place. In Joensuu you will also find Botania, a lovely event and botanical garden in Joensuu.

Enjoy our confortable and warm cabins equipped with microwave oven, refrigerator/freezer, fireplace, own sauna and shower, beach, rowing boat, heating, pillows, blankets etc. Please note bed linen and towels available by request (EUR 10/person).
Outokumpu services, shops and restaurants are 15 km away

For inquiries and reservations please contact our travel agents Lomarengas or Finland Cottage Rentals. Photos of cabins.

Highlights of Kaksola winter: visit of Santa at your cabin, starlight watching (yes, you can really see stars here) on the lake ice or a kicksled ride through the woods.

In winter pure, white snow is something our guests seek. Ice fishing, cross-country skiing and ice swimming you can do here. There are also two downhill skiing centres in the vicinity: The popular winter-Koli - 90 minutes' drive from here. To many Koli is Finland’s most beautiful area, a unique combination of nature and culture, with excellent services for visitors. Welcome to visit us!

Kaksola/Jaakko Kaksonen   |  Viuruntie 15, 83500 Outokumpu   |   +358 50 5553 519   |   jaakko.kaksonen@gmail.com